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Are you an attacking player who is weary of the Petroff Defence and bored with stodgy positional struggles? The King’s Gambit is the remedy for you! "Learn to play the King's Gambit" Box Set - now available in the ChessCube store! More information below on this bundle below!

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Learn to Play the King's Gambit - Box Set
Video Set
International Master Andrew Martin decants this old wine from a new bottle and shows how this fascinating ancient opening is just as vibrant today as it ever was. Furthermore, Martin contends, any player who learns this opening will improve his or her overall chess strength and also their results as most club and tournament players have very little idea about what to do when faced with 2.f4. 

This bundle features the 2-part "Learn to Play the King's Gambit" by IM Andrew Martin - all for just $26 - with an $6 saving from the normal price!

Visit the ChessCube Store to learn more about this bundle!

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